Hello, darling.

I am a Goddess of Fire | A Siren of Love | A Warrior of Joy

Hey, I'm Shawna Marie. 

Fire starter. Singer. Entrepreneur. Boat Captain. Surfer. Lover of goat cheese. Booty Shaker. Fisherman's daughter. Small town girl. World traveler. 

But how much does that really tell you? I love to get into a conversation that keeps me up to the sunrise. Anytime I see dolphins or kitties I get insta-happy. 


My name is Shawna Marie and I am a multi-dimensional woman. My mission is to inspire empowerment in humans, especially women. My tools of empowerment are singing, performing, lyric writing, dancing, building businesses and coaching. My intention is to inspire and support people who are answering the call to lead businesses, communities and movements.

I am dedicated to empowerment and serve through performing, teaching, coaching, speaking and building meaningful communities.