Photo by the gorgeous Ryan L'Esperance 

Photo by the gorgeous Ryan L'Esperance 

My beautiful friend Amaris shared a poem at our last Ignited Voices about The Seed.

The seed is pushed down into dirt and shit, encased in a hard shell, drowned and left to sit with itself. 

Alone. In Darkness.

But from this time underground the seed splits and out emerges in transformation. Ultimately breaking through to stand tall, strong and beautiful...and to be admired by the world.  

Have you been in this place before? The place where you couldn't see the way out? 

Are you there now?

What stands in your way for you to bust through that shell and up out of the dirt?

I have recently experienced this period of deep introspection, digging, facing doubts and slaying gremlins (as my life coach, Alex Milaychev calls them). 

I recently went through the Seedling phase... and I came out on the other side with a further purpose and direction. More to come... oh so much more to come. Thank you for being on this journey with me. 

I love you.