Mission: to free the hips, release the divine feminine Shakti energy, to heal each other, to feel good, and to save the world. 

When you move your body, you feel good. 

When you feel good, you move your body.

When you MOVE your body, you strengthen connection.

When you strengthen connection, healing happens.

You see, because we move to feel ourselves, to heal ourselves, to celebrate ourselves. When we shed the layers of giving a fuck to feel within, we shed the layers of giving a fuck in the other areas in our lives. When we love ourselves fiercely, we have the capacity to love each other fiercely. When we are strong we are empowered. Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

All of these things will strengthen with practice. 

And that practice, is Shakti Flow

And as Booty Pirate Doris says,"Booty Be For Shakin'!"