I believe in you.

Do you?


I believe in you.

Do you?

What if I told you it was possible to have it all?

Like for real. 

If you're anything like me, it's not the vision or dream that's lacking, but the belief in yourself and road map to get there. Once you get excited about the possibilities in your life, there's always that pesky and relentless whisper of self-doubt that finds a way to shoot down the idea.

And most of the time, that whisper isn't so quiet. 

"Who are you to dream so big?"

"There's no way you'll find the time, energy or resources to make that actually happen."

"What if you fail, it will be so embarrassing."

If these are familiar to you, keep reading. 

Because here's the deal, those beliefs are meant to be there!

And their job is to keep you safe (read: small) because small is "safe".

If you don't stick your neck out, you're not a target for criticism. If you don't speak up, your idea can never be shut down. If you don't go for that wild dream of yours, you're not at risk of failing. 

And I hate to break the bad news, but this also means you're not giving yourself a chance in succeeding. 

Here's the good news:

YOU don't have to LISTEN to those voices. 

Yes, it takes practice, getting out of your comfort zone, having accountability and deeply connecting to the possibility of living the bold, powerful and full expression of yourself. 

So I'll ask again, do you believe in you?

If your answer is anything but a "HELL YES", then I'm here to help. Sometimes it takes just one person who refuses to buy into your excuses, reasons, and voices of fear to change everything

I will be your partner in making it happen. 

I promise to encourage you, challenge you, and invite you to dig deeper and dream bigger. 

Let's turn your badass dreams into your badass life.

Are you tired of letting those beliefs dictate your life?

Are you willing to get uncomfortable?

Are you ready to invest in your highest self?

Are you willing to put in the work?

Are you a little (or a lot) freaked out? 



Not quite ready to jump in?

That's cool, I'll wait... and in the meantime:

Not quite ready to jump in?

That's cool, I'll wait... and in the meantime:


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"Working with Shawna was like having the thread of your deepest intentions pulled. She helped lead me down the right path during each call, and made sure to keep me on the right track when I inevitably started going off course. That is the beauty of coaching: to have someone who can see past your blind spots and keep you in check. Shawna did an incredible job at this, and was open, honest and wasn't afraid to speak up when she felt I was making mistakes. I would highly recommend Shawna to anyone seeking guidance, support and accountability in their lives."

- Cayla Vidmar, writer for


I did not really know what to expect when I signed up for life coaching with Shawna but was basically spinning my wheels and knew I needed some help moving forward and redefining my desires/dreams/goals both professionally and personally. Well, I have just completed my first 4 months with Shawna and the coaching has been ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORMATIONAL affecting me positively in my business and personal life. I feel 1000% stronger and personally empowered with renewed stoked, clarity and motivation for my business which is translating to new revenue opportunities and new customers too. Thank you Shawna! You helped me in so many ways that are truly sticking!

- Marina Chang, Owner of The Kiteboarder Magazine


Shawna has been my coach for two months. During this time, we have clearly defined a specific plan for a number of projects supported by deadlines, milestones and updates. In this short amount of time, several of these milestones have already come to fruition, even before our predetermined deadline. Shawna keeps me accountable through a clear and easy system. If I run into a wall, she effortlessly guides me through the blocks without solving the problem for me. Instead, she helps me discover a solution that is aligned with who I am. The ritual she conducts at the end of each session affirms our work and strengthens our partnership. Shawna is enthusiastic, encouraging, perceptive, objective, and thoughtful. She is professional, dependable, and organized. Shawna never makes me feel bad about myself but rather always lifts me up. The fact that she is living her dream makes her authentic as a life coach. It also is meaningful that she continues to be coached as well. It demonstrates humility on her part and a continuous desire to learn more about herself and her work. She is an inspiration because she is living proof that it is possible to live the life of your dreams! All in all, Shawna was born for this work and working together makes the process of change and transition all the more meaningful, impactful and fun!

- Dr. Aranzazu Ascunce, Educator

“Nobody gets to be large and in charge without facing challenges and moving through them.” 

– Jen Sincero