Sooooo... what will coaching do for me?


Great question, my dear. As your Soul Fire Igniter, I am your partner in crime, your ally, and cheerleader. I know exactly what it's like to feel trapped, off my path and lost on what to do. After one session with me, you will feel lighter, filled with possibility and clarity around how to take action toward change.

My clients and I have unbelievable breakthroughs that give access to profound transformation. One of my clients is currently on a discovery trip around the world... something he had thought of doing for years. Another client is on fire in her business. We will work through what it takes to continually choose to grow life and/or business of your dreams. I am committed to your success as YOU define it.


Phoenix Rising

[Long-term coaching]

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Spark It

[Short-term coaching]

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You absolutely dread the thought of spending even just one more hour much less several years at your job. Something needs to change but you don't know WHAT it is or HOW to do it.

If that resonates with you, then I have good news for you! I am on a freakin mission to help people just like YOU to create a life that lights you the F*CK up.