Oh, hey there!

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I'm Shawna and I am professional life and leadership coach dedicated to supporting women who crave to be in their power. I completed the Worlds Finest Coach Training Program and now serve as a Mentor Coach with Accomplishment Coaching. Additionally, I hold my ACC (Associate Certified Coach) through the International Coach Federation. Coaching, the training program and being an unconditional yes to transformational work has been the biggest gift I have ever given myself.  

My personal journey...

Four years ago, I worked in the Private Yachting industry. My bank account was happy, but my heart was empty. Everyday I fantasized about my escape. I just knew there was a bigger purpose for my life. I was tired of working someone else's dream and ready to build my own. 

Following the whispers of my heart, I took the leap to pursue a deep secret dream of mine to sing and perform. With no formal training, connections or knowledge of HOW, I made space for this dream. Fast forward 5 years and I have performed for thousands of people on many stages as the lead vocalist for Captain Nasty, an 8-piece funk band and I have a solo project in the works!  

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Me doing the thing that makes me feel most alive. 

This creative journey also unlocked my love for movement. I began teaching a dance fitness class and I became ADDICTED to watching people transform through movement. Whether I am coaching, teaching movement or performing, my commitment is to inspire and ignite your fire within. 

I currently reside in Morro Bay, California, life coach and run a dance fitness program called Ignite Booty School. 

I am committed to living a life fully aligned with the truth of my heart. I work with amazing humans who are tired of the grind and deeply wish to find the thing that lights them up. I am here to supporting you in your journey to create the life you crave.

Thank you for being here, I can't wait to love you harder.